Filters types

Wrappers clasp pipe
Screw and bolts
Net zinced coated
Joint unvibrant


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  Wrappers Clasp pipe

Continuous wrapper clasp pipe Inox ribbon one and self-locking calf head Mod. FA and Mod. TAB


  Screws and bolts and nuts

1 Levers adorned Zinced
2 Doubles datas turned zinced
3 Nuts zinced coated hexagonal
4 Screw szinced coated each hexagonal
5 Washers zinc coated
6 Dolly block  in brass
7 magnetic clutches for grapevines you autoperforant
8 Screwes autotapper zinced
9 Self-threading Screwes
10 Rivets in aluminium


  Net zinc coated unvibrant Joint

A net zinc coated elettrosoldered to squared stitch; unvibrant Joint

(stitch squared mm 12 x 12 thread mm 1) BEFORE OF SOLDERING, ROLLS FROM ML 25 FOR ML 1 HIGH; SQUARED MESH FROM millimetre 12 x 12; FILO
millimetres 1.5

UNVIBRANT in polyester+PVC gray (b), impermeable, fireproof, resistant in a C 85 temperature, with support in plate zinc coated (A1 and A2)


Sketches of
the ways