Stations of conditioning UTA

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Stations of conditioning UTA

The stations of treatment air type AIR is bear some tall professionality and experience in the area of society Air CONTROL.


  Station of conditioning Aria

With quality of construction, with the high tech of the members use Air Control guarantees you affidabilit the perfect functioning, the efficiency and to satisfy the requisites in demand by the legislation bodies CEE.
The treatment stations of air, are realized with robust carrying structure, in sections of job aluminium with anodizing on the external surface.
( perimetric pannel with double sheet sheet zinced coated he commits prepainting and plasticized it express)
The standard production scale he foresees 20 greatness with nominal courses from 80000 one 80000 to m3/ h.
Our production foresees different construction too by the standard, you realize by your necessities, dimensions and courses until 190000 m3/ h.